• Budget $3,000 USD total budget. Negotiable
  • Timing 06 April 2017, 6:59 PM EDT
  • Status Ended


I need an image of the glow cast by a computer/laptop/tablet screen. It should just barely reveal the presence of an adult female figure, but I don't want to see too much detail; maybe just a hand on the keys or holding a wine glass or coffee cup on the edge of the frame; maybe just a bit of profile/features. Best way to avoid too much detail: shoot from above or from behind figure so she is silhouetted/backlit by the glow. It should be clear the screen is NOT a television, so either a handheld device or with just enough hint of keyboard/mouse to make clear it's a computer. Image should fade to darkness on all edges. No hard crops.

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Territories are US/CAN but I will need "World English" rights for ebooks sold internationally. Also, ideally we would be able to use the image—separate from layout—in ad/promo FOR THE BOOK ONLY.

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