• Budget $250 USD per image. Fixed Price
  • Timing 21 June 2017, 6:59 PM EDT
  • Status Ended


We are looking for a photo that matches this photo as closely as possible:

Photo requirements:
- Horizontally oriented, sharp, well-lit photo of the interior of the top rack of a dishwasher
- Dishwasher interior must be stainless steel. (No plastic interiors, please.)
- Visible water drops in dishwasher
- One clear glass and one colorful coffee mug (No visible logos/websites/phone numbers on the coffee mug, please.)

A DocuSign with additional license details specific to the buyer will be required to be signed upon license and check out.

Reference Images

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  • Permitted uses
    Royalty Free Basic (All media)
  • Term
    In perpetuity
  • Territory
  • Exclusivity
    No exclusivity
  • If the Permitted Use is "ALL MEDIA, IN PERPETUITY, WORLDWIDE”, this means the Image may be used by no more than ten (10) people employed by the Licensee or in the same position as an employee ("Users"). The Image may not be used for more than one client or customer of the Licensee at a time.


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