• Budget $250 USD per image. Fixed Price
  • Timing 01 June 2017, 6:59 PM EDT
  • Status Ended


There are a few key points we're looking for in this photo.

- We need negative space around the lamp, particularly on the left-hand side since we'll be using that area to place our logo and brand messaging

- We'd like it shining slightly upwards and against a wall, providing a brighter hot-spot where we can highlight our logo (as if we were illuminating it if it had been placed on the wall)

- Low-ish contrast for the whole image. The room should be reasonably bright so we're not getting a super hard line between where the light hits the wall and the rest of the photo (a lot of the example photos don't have this feature)

Overall, we'd like the tone and look to be Friendly. The lamp shouldn't be overly angular or jagged.

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