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I need an image of a woman's face lit only by the glow of her smart phone or equivalent mobile device. Image should be mostly dark overall—though I'd love to have enough detail available to determine exactly how much to pull back in the final—with an almost floating female face/neck/shoulder, neutral expression, no smiles, neutral make-up, nothing too flashy. Mid-length hair, blond or brunette. The idea is to keep it clearly feminine and adult without getting too specific.

Which is why I want the face either partially obscured—by the device? something else?—or shot at an angle such that the viewer can't get a super clear picture of what the woman actually looks like. (In book covers they always want to see a face without being able to recognize the woman, if that makes sense...) I've included a few reference images to give you some ideas re: angles, rim lighting, hiding features, etc., but will happily look at anything you can come up with that might effect the same result.

And ideally the image WON'T include the illuminated screen itself. Or, if you have to include it try to make it as small/peripheral/unobtrusive as possible.

TIMELINE NOTE: our offices are closed the week between Xmas and New Years, and while I will be checking my email from home, apologies in advance if there is a lag...

ALSO: have a wonderful and safe holiday!

Reference Images

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    Book - Cover
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    Up to 5 Years
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    English Speaking Worldwide
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    Exclusive use within industry: Publishing - Retail Books


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